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The Language Institute of Lopburi was established several years ago by Dr Siriporn Wongkhan, an academic from a respected local family with generations of involvement in education in Lopburi and Thailand. The institute was established to deliver scheduled English classes to younger students, and tailored English and Thai classes to older students, adults, and corporations.  
Educational Services

Recognising the increasing demand for native speakers to deliver English language classes in schools in the area, the institute expanded its services to include the provision of teachers of English as a foreign language (EFL) to schools in the Lopburi and Saraburi regions. Teachers are provided in one of two ways:-

1. Staff Teachers

Some schools don't have the resources, demand, or expertise to employ and manage their own full-time foreign staff. Other schools have the resources, demand, and expertise but simply prefer not to manage their own foreign staff. In these situations, the Language Institute of Lopburi employ a team of staff teachers as part of a 'total package' of English language lesson delivery.   

Staff teachers are full-time employees of the institute. The institute attends to their recruitment, day-to-day management, visas, and work permits. Each staff teacher is paired with a team teacher. Team teachers are Thai full-time employees of the institute. Their function is to assist the staff teacher in all aspects of their teaching, including lesson preparation, in-class assistance, student discipline, and liaison with Thai administrations at the schools.   

In conjunction with the schools, the institute develops a tailored curriculum, from which staff teachers prepare their actual lesson plans. While drawing on team teachers for assistance as required, ultimate responsibility in the classroom rests with the staff teacher. 

At the moment, the majority of teaching is at the prathom level (ages 6 - 12), although matayom level (ages 12 - 17) teaching may also be required. Typically, students are undertaking three hours of English per week, with staff teachers delivering one hour and Thai teachers delivering two hours.   

The teaching schedules of staff teachers are structured to minimise travel time and inactive time on school premises while ensuring they teach for no longer than 3 hours at a time. Outside scheduled classes, a staff teacher's time is usually their own. Lesson preparation facilities, including teaching materials and computers, are available to staff teachers at the institute's premises. 


2. Placed Teachers                     

Some schools prefer to manage their own full-time foreign teachers but draw on the expertise of the Language Institute of Lopburi in the areas of recruitment, and contract negotiation. In providing these services, we are not merely agents of the school. In fact, we have no exclusive recruitment arrangements with any school. We consider ourselves an intermediary providing valuable services to both parties.

For the school, we source, screen, and interview suitable foreign teachers and  negotiate contracts that appreciate the finite resources of the school while ensuring contract terms are sufficient to both attract and retain quality foreign teachers. As our services to schools carry a performance guarantee, this balance of equity in contracts is essential to the success of our business.    

We also act as an intermediary in any disputes or conflicts  between the school and the teacher once they are in place. In doing so, we have ensured that simple misunderstandings do escalate into the breakdown of employer-employee relations.  

For the placed teacher, in addition to providing a contractual framework that recognises the needs of both parties, we provide ongoing support, beginning with assistance in finding accommodation and settling in to their new environment. Through regular meetings, we also provide any other necessary support, whether that be assistance with ideas for the classroom or obtaining a Thai driver's licence!

While the schools themselves usually take responsibility for visas and work permits, we do monitor the process to ensure compliance with legalities. On completion of the contract, we are happy to either participate in renegotiation of contracts and continue our intermediary role, or to take a backward step allowing the relationship the placed teacher has established with the school to define the future.

While our remuneration comes from the school, we firmly believe we will only be successfully through considering the needs of both the school and the teacher to build a relationship genuinely based on transparency, trust, and mutual respect.       

General Contract Conditions

For placed teachers, the details of contracts will vary from school to school according to their resources and requirements. For staff teachers, the details of contracts will vary depending the underlying contracts the institute holds with the school or schools involved. Contracts can also vary according to the time of year they commence in relation to the normal school year.

However, through discussion and negotiation, the Language Institute of Lopburi has been successful in having the schools with which we interact accept the following minimum conditions:    

  • All full-time positions must include work permit, teacher's licence (if required), and visa at the expense of the employer, other than the initial visa that must be held at time of employment.
  • Scheduled contact hours should not exceed 21 hours per week. In rare circumstances make-up classes may be required. If so, contact hours in that week cannot exceed 25 and total hours for the month must average no more than 21 hours per week, otherwise overtime is paid at a negotiated rate. 
  • Minimum salary of 30,000 baht per month for a 21 contact hour per week contract. (Note the salary of all current contracts is in excess of this amount)
  • Paid sick leave of at least five days per year. (Note most contracts currently offer 10 days paid sick leave)
  • Paid annual leave of at least four weeks per year. (Note some contracts offer this in the form of a final one month bonus) 
  • Extra-curricular activities be kept to a minimum and with adequate notice.
  • No requirement for teachers to remain on school premises if they have no scheduled classes, providing preparation, grading, etc. is up to date. Where this is not possible, higher remuneration is sought.  

As indicated, in most cases the terms of the ultimate contracts we negotiate are more favourable for teachers than the above minimums


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